Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello World! is typically the first step towards learning a new programming language.

My first Hello World! was back when I learned Portugol (a Pascal-based language in Portuguese) and at the time I thought I would be a developer one day.

Many more Hello World!'s later, I quickly realized that developing is just one of the ways there are to create new things.

I started as a developer but took a quick hiatus to open a CyberCafé. Oh well... That didn't work out.

Then I started learning more about GNU/Linux. I decided to become a System Administrator and get more involved with the free software community. I met a lot of amazing people going to events and hackathons.

After some time, I realized I was missing the work on the field; troubleshooting hardware and networking issues. So, I got a job as a Data Center Engineer which allowed me to travel to many countries. My mind was blown away by the different cultures and food out there.

Right now (at the moment I write this), I'm a Program Manager, building Data Centers around the world. But at home, I'm always trying to find different ways to build things, whether it is through coding, connecting, designing or, most recently, 3D printing.

Very often, I learn new stuff by screwing things up, after all, if it ain’t broke, you ain’t trying hard enough :-)

This blog is a collection of very niche technology articles and random personal stories. Good luck trying to navigate the wide spectrum of my organized mess.

Hopefully an article helped you in some way...

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