The Underscale

The Underscale

Have you gained weight during the pandemic?

Don’t worry. I’m not here to judge you, but your scale might!

I believe everyone could use a little encouragement when trying to lose weight, yet, why are some scales out there so brutal and ruthless when it comes to giving feedback?

It’s 2021, we all are coming back to a normal, but 21 lbs heavier. I don’t blame you. We were just trying to survive!

Wouldn't you think that your scale would understand that?

Behold the Underscale, the scale that understands you.

The Underscale knows you are doing your best: “It’s okay if you ate that other half of a sandwich last night when you shouldn’t have.”

Dieting is a journey, and everyone has their own. The Underscale looks beyond numbers and measurements. It is considerate enough to know how much that exam is stressing you out.

“Another whole package of Oreo cookies, bud? You must have had a stressful day. You know what? Don’t worry about these numbers today.”

The Underscale, people may not understand you, but your scale now does!

Order yours now, or after you devour that lasagna, we don't care! Only $19.99 at your favorite pizza shop.